Jiashan Itaflon Fluoro Technology is a joint venture company, specialise in high performance PTFE compound and fluoropolymers.     We are supply standard and tailor-made PTFE compound, varied from inorganice filler, glass fiber, carbon fiber, carbon, graphite, bronze, to organic filler, PPS, Eknol, PI, PEEK, etc.






Shortened form: PTFE,Teflon

Melting point: 327℃

Density: 2.17 g/cm3



High service temperature ——lont time working temperature can be 250℃

Low service temperature ——remain 5% elongation even the temperature reduce to -196℃

Anti corrosive ——chemically inert for most chemical

Weather resistance——the best in all the plastics

Self lubricant ——the lowest coefficient of friction in all the solid materials


Non stick ——the lowest surface tension in all the solid materials

Nontoxic——can be used for human organisation